Overview of Houston Community College System



The Houston Community College System is made up of seven community colleges within the Houston, Texas area working together to make sure that every student attending the college is given the tools that they needs to succeed. robotsites

The colleges work collaboratively to design curricula that meet the needs of the diverse population of students who attend. The entrance standards for the colleges are very lenient so that students who may have difficulty in an area are able to take courses to help them reach the college academic level they need in order to attain their certification or degree.

There are many different types of education taught through the Houston Community College System. Individuals can attend the distance learning program and receive college credits towards their degree. There are ESL classes for students who may need to become more proficient with the English language to be successful. Adults wishing to complete high school will find classes available to meet this objective and prepare them to proceed through the Community College System.

Prior to entering the HCCS system individual complete a questionnaire which walks them through the planning phase of their career choice. HCCS offers programs designed specifically for individuals wishing to enter the workforce with the knowledge they gain or to transfer to a university and continue their academic career.

Once a student’s major has been identified and their objective for continuing their education career or entering the workforce they are given several educational options. One of these options includes classroom education and on-the-job training. Students are given the opportunity to test a position before committing to it.

A College Connection Center is designed for students who are leaving high school and entering the collegiate environment. Students are provided with training on how to study and learn. They also are introduced to their advisors who will assist them through the application process and help them to find funding sources if they need them. robotsites

Houston Community College System also provides an ongoing education program that provides training and workshops for individuals who wish to learn a new skill or enhance a skill set that they may already have. The program also offers training for people who may be transitioning from one career to another.


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